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29/05 Updates

  • Improved Add Account Flow: we have streamlined the add account flow and included a new syncing animation. This is the first step in a number of add account flow improvements coming

  • Onboarding Wizard: new users will now get a 4-step walkthrough guide explaining the core features of the platform including adding accounts, tagging them, breaking down allocation and adding new pages

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: we have launched our first set of keyboard shortcuts! Most core actions on the platform can now be completed by hitting your keyboard - see how many you can spot. These will soon live in a command bar that you can refer to.

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Why we made this

We created this channel so that you can suggest the institutions you'd like us to add. Please include the country in your suggestion so that we can prioritise accordingly. Thanks!

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15/05 Update

  • Pie chart widget: you can now break down accounts or tagged groups by country, type or holding percentage and see the split on the new page you’ve created

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01/05 Updates

  • Onboarding improvements: we've made the onboarding experience much smoother for new users in a few ways. Full screens have been replaced with modals, the new account connection screen is improved and uses a new animation and we have a new avatar!

  • Improvements to add accounts: the add account button is now available on all screens, with modals. There's also a timeout notification when user data lapses

  • Manual stock bug fix: manual stocks were only searchable by stock name, causing some confusion between holdings. This has been changed so the search bar is now by ticker only

  • Delete account button: we've added a Delete button in the settings page

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17/04 Updates

  • Feedback Made Easy: Inside the widget menu, you'll now find a feedback form. If something’s missing or not quite right, let us know.

  • Talk to an Expert: Need guidance? Click the new button in the bottom-left corner to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with a financial advisor.

  • Enhanced Filtering Options:

    • Filter Accounts in Investments: You can now filter children accounts

    • Improved Tagging: Filter through tags, accounts, sub-accounts, and searches for a smoother navigation experience.

  • All-Inclusive Currency Switcher: We’ve added all available currencies to the currency switcher in your accounts section. Switch between currencies effortlessly, and see your accounts update to reflect the changes -

  • Customizable Email Notifications:

    • Portfolio Reviews: Tailor how often you receive portfolio reviews—choose from weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates in your email settings.

  • Rate Our Service: Our new feedback form allows you to quickly rate your experience as bad, decent, or great. We value your input and strive to enhance our services continuously.

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Nice Life Events :)

I really like this feature. When I increase/derease my contributions, is that for the month, year, something else?

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03/04 Updates

  • We've updated the "Life Events" feature with five new entries to better capture key moments that affect your finances: Having a Baby, Wedding, Holiday, Bonus, and Unexpected Events. This expansion helps track and manage the financial implications of these significant milestones more effectively.

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27/03 Updates

  • We've simplified the Accounts display to focus solely on Assets & Liabilities, added allocation bars for clarity, and introduced a filtering feature. Plus, we've included a totals row at the bottom of the chart for easier analysis. These enhancements enhance usability and empower users to make informed decisions efficiently.

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20/03 Updates

  • We've incorporated a loading indicator following the final onboarding step in the sign-up process.

  • Users can now delete dates more efficiently in the Life Event section. Previously, pressing the backspace key in the Date field would erase the entire date. Now, the date will be deleted one space at a time for smoother editing.

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13/03 Updates

  • Responsiveness & Bug Fixes. We fixed widget width responsiveness problems, menu overlapping on custom pages, balances not refreshing on first signup and a problem with the Privacy toggle on the investments page

  • Improved Account Syncing Failure State. We had some feedback that it wasn't clear what action the user had to take when their account sync failed, so we optimised the failure state and included a tooltip with instructions to delete and re-add

  • Mobile responsiveness. We made some small improvements to mobile responsiveness

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06/03 Updates

  • Add Pages with first 2 widgets. For the first time, you can now add new pages to your Strabo dashboard! We've added two widgets, Timeline and Historical Data - you can filter the data these show, duplicate them and drag and drop. We will be starting to add more over the coming months, so please suggest some that you'd like to see

  • New error screen. We designed a new screen for platform errors to make those irritating malfunctions a little more bearable

  • Add accounts on mobile. You can now add accounts to your dashboard from mobile

  • Bug fixes. The two main problems raised this week were a freezing scroll bar when closing some modals, and a freezing Loading Providers button when you selected an erroneous account / country combination. Both have now been fixed

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Dark mode

Dark mode for the sake of my poor eyes haha.

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Maximise Your End of Year Tax Benefits: FREE Webinar with Financial Planner David Henry

The end of the tax year is fast approaching, and it can be easy to forget about some of the tax allowances that are available here in the UK. These allowances represent free money in many cases, and you can't beat that. To ensure that you get the most value out of these,  our good friend and financial planner David Henry from The Money Den will be running a FREE live half hour webinar on 19th March at 1pm GMT to recap what these main allowances are, and offer some practical tips on how you can approach tax year end planning in the future to make your lives easier.

You can register here & feel free to share the link with others who may be interested

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28/02 Updates

  • We've just launched Life Events feature. Now, you can seamlessly incorporate important life events into your Net Worth Forecast.

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Wrong prices for NVDA and PLTR

Some US stocks, like NVIDIA and Palantir, are showing wrong Last Prices.

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Having over 8 accounts bugs the scrolling feature

As shown on the screenshots I cannot scroll down and view my other accounts unless I zoom out


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21/02 Updates

  • Bug Fixes
    - Further improvements to Cost Basis: almost all synced accounts should now show total cost basis for the units purchased
    - Deleting accounts: certain account types were still showing in the Accounts page after being deleted. This has now been rectified

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