2mo ago

Linking account error (Plaid/Starling)

Hello Team Strabo,

Not sure if you've come across this one. In the UK, Starling bank is an app-based, online bank. I had linked it prior but now see it shows up as "internal error occurred" when trying to refresh connection or re-link. Is this a bug, or should I just delete it altogether and try re-link as if linking for the very first time? Thanks.

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2mo ago

Hey Trish,

Thanks for raising this - we've just tested Plaid and it seems to be working ok. Sometimes the connection just times out: we're launching a reauthentication option soon that should make fixing this super simple. If you try deleting the account, refreshing the page and re-adding, it should work fine. Please let us know if you have any further issues and we'll get right on it.