6mo ago

30/11 Updates

  • Coverage update: we understand that a few users have reported limited coverage. We've now re-set up coverage in the following countries:
    Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Belgium

  • We've also fixed sorting by columns including ROI and balance to the Accounts Table and Investments Table

  • You can now access the community directly from the Platform sidebar

  • Improvements to mobile responsiveness: this still isn't perfect, but overlap between cards has been removed and the side-bar amended to be more mobile friendly

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6mo ago

24/11 Updates

  • Privacy Toggle Fixed

  • Manual add account fixed for Real Estate and Stocks

  • Plaid coverage expanded to Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Belgium and Canada. Should cover Banks and some Brokerages

  • Sorting by Balances added in Accounts Table

  • Error Notifications Bar: error messages simplified and popup moved from top right to lower middle for improved visibility

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7mo ago

Strabo is live!

You may have noticed that we removed the waitlist for a couple of days in order to test out the signup process. We are still sorting out a few final bugs, so the public launch email should be going out next week. We also have a few bits of exciting press to share, which will also be hitting your inboxes in the coming weeks.

Please share feedback directly with one of the team, publicly here or by raising a ticket in-app, using the big purple❓

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