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17/04 Updates

  • Feedback Made Easy: Inside the widget menu, you'll now find a feedback form. If something’s missing or not quite right, let us know.

  • Talk to an Expert: Need guidance? Click the new button in the bottom-left corner to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with a financial advisor.

  • Enhanced Filtering Options:

    • Filter Accounts in Investments: You can now filter children accounts

    • Improved Tagging: Filter through tags, accounts, sub-accounts, and searches for a smoother navigation experience.

  • All-Inclusive Currency Switcher: We’ve added all available currencies to the currency switcher in your accounts section. Switch between currencies effortlessly, and see your accounts update to reflect the changes -

  • Customizable Email Notifications:

    • Portfolio Reviews: Tailor how often you receive portfolio reviews—choose from weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates in your email settings.

  • Rate Our Service: Our new feedback form allows you to quickly rate your experience as bad, decent, or great. We value your input and strive to enhance our services continuously.

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Awesome update! Keep going!

Please include these banks in the next update:
Nordnet (Nordnet is an investment app) - https://www.nordnet.dk
Lunar - https://www.lunar.app
Nykredit - https://www.nykredit.dk

1m ago

Thanks ! We do have increased coverage in the works, takes a little while as we need new API providers for this, but we should have some more news on this shortly. Appreciate your patience!